Kenya – 2900 – Container full of Christian books and Bibles

In November 2021 we received a message from Kenya, if we knew of an organization that donated Christian literature. Books on various Christian topics and pocket Bibles to distribute in Kenya.

Now this is exactly what the Answer Foundation has done for years! Every year we ship a 20ft container full of Bibles and other Christian literature. We actually wanted to put this project on hold this year because you can’t just send English literature everywhere. Not everyone reads English equally well in our project countries. But to this question, we had to answer.

We have promised to send a whole container full of books and Bibles to Kenya by 2022. This was our partner’s response:

‘Ohhh No….God is so so faithful. This is magnanimous and it will impact gretly not only in our prisons but also in communities out of prisons where the inmates come from.The answer to your question is YES and YES….we are so looking forward to this donation. Guess what….we have been praying to get a container to use to set up a community library for young people in Kisumu.’

So the books and Bibles are used for distribution in prisons and beyond. They also set up a library for young people in Kisumu with the books. Amazing, right! God is good.

Will you support us to get the container in Kenya? Thank you very much for your support.


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